The Best VPNs to Protect Yourself Online

A virtual private network provides the best security against hackers but still lacks in solving all your privacy problems.

A virtual private network (VPN) acts as a bodyguard for your privacy and data against hackers when you cross a public network. VPN is the most effective alternative to protect your browsing history from internet service providers or keep your passwords safe while using a public Wi-Fi hotspot.

But VPN can also be attacked by hackers, for this, you have to carefully select the best VPN services.  

Selecting the right VPN service is the most alarming task, most VPN service providers promise to not save their user’s activity but it is rarely verified. Below is the list of VPN services that are independently audited by security firms. 


It helps in getting geographically restrictions on content like Netflix and protects your traffic while using an open Wi-Fi hot spot. 

Surfshark is a secure network and has extra features like a kill switch that automatically stops your traffic when your VPN connection fails. It provides an extra layer of protection by transferring your traffic from one VPN server to another VPN server and finally to the destination server. 

The company has a zero log policy and you can opt out of diagnostic crash reports in the app. The Surfshark has recently merged with NordVPN.


Mullvad is Sweden based and supports for WireGuard, a faster protocol for transferring VPN traffic. Mullvad accepts cash payment and allows the users to generate random account numbers and send them via email to Sweden( no one can trace your accounts). 

Mullvad offers VPN services at an affordable price and its marketing help users take additional steps to protect their privacy. 

Mullvad offers apps for major platforms as well as routers. These applications are open source and can check the codes on GitHub. Advanced users can download configuration files and use them directly with OpenVPN.


TunnelBear offers cute bear animations that help to understand the work they offer. The best feature of TunnelBear is the password manager sibling remember. The app offers security features just like other VPN services like a no-logging policy, a clear privacy policy, and independently audited. TunnelBear has fewer geographic server locations and has a free trial option for new users. 


It is the most popular VPN service provider because of its reasonable price and selection of servers. The NordVPN is the best for Circumventing Geographic Restrictions. The VPN service providers have reliable ways for location-based restrictions. 

NordVPN is based in Panama and is not part of the Five Eyes, Nine Eyes, or 14 Eyes jurisdictions. These features don’t fully secure you from government spying activities but they will put some extra effort.  NordVPN and SurfShark have announced a merger but will continue to operate as separate entities as a single company. NordVPN also recently developed a new service dubbed Threat Protection, which will block web-based trackers, phishing attempts, some ads, and malicious websites on your browsing network. NordVPN has a stable speed along with a simple user interface. For manual control, you can connect by using NordVPN’s configuration files. 


Tor is best for High- Risk use cases. Tor works similar to any VPN service. It provides anonymity which means your identity is hidden but it cannot be said for privacy. People can easily see shat you are doing but will not know by whom it is done. Tor is very simple to set up, just download the Tor browser and it will connect to the web. Tor is slow because it gives a continuous request for websites around the Tor network, bouncing between servers, before emerging and connecting to the actual site you want to visit. Tor can be combined with a VPN. 


VPN act as a protective shield for your privacy concerns against the hackers who are trying to spy on your traffic. Public networks are easy targets of the people or hackers who want to spy on your network data. 

Web browsers make it easy to tell when your connection is secure and can be seen as a green icon next to the web address. Most websites use HTTPS which makes you safe on the internet. A VPN helps you to hide your activity even on unencrypted websites. Before using any VPN services, you should thoroughly read its guidelines and privacy policy. A VPN also changes your IP address for extra protection and a different physical location.

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