The Best Bike Accessories

Bikes are the most convenient means of transport and are in great demand as it is a non-polluting vehicle and great for working out in between working hours.

Bicycles are the most convenient type of machinery. The bicycle amazes us with its speed and ability to be a non-polluting machine. Bicycling is fun way to work out and can be stored anywhere.  If you use your bicycle for work or hauling cargo then you will need some additional accessories. The majority of bikes are customisable and additional accessories make your ride comfortable. You should have accessories that can turn your two-wheelers into a killer commuter or an errand bike or a freedom machine. Below is the list of accessories to customise your bicycle.

The accessories for the bike

  •  Comfort: You can switch to comfortable seat posts, handlebar grips and seats. These simple modifications will improve your ride experience.
  • Better Grips: The ergonomic Ergon GA3 are one of the most popular grips that have small wings which correct your wrist posture and prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and cyclist’s palsy.
  • Bike Seat: You should upgrade your saddle regularly to experience a comfortable ride. Modern saddles are made of stiff leather and is very comfortable. The Brooks B17 is the most durable saddle.
  • Suspension Seat Post: You should add rear suspension for some extra glide and swap go a suspension seat post. The Cirrus Kinect is the best customizable for riders of various weights just by changing coil springs. The suspension seat post helps to smooth the ride.
  • Padded undies: The padded undies are very easy to add an extra soft layer between rider and machine on longer rides. Thus, making long drives smoother on a bicycle.
  • Cargo Carriers: Bikes comes with a different attachment that is needed to carry errands and groceries. A pannier is a type of backpack that attaches to a luggage rack that is installed over the wheels and helps your bike stable under load.
  • Pannier racks: You have to install a rack to use pannier bags. The To peak Explorer MTX Rack fits most bikes and comes at an affordable price.
  • Laptop pannier bag: A padded laptop sleeve along with a laptop backpack comes on the market to keep your laptop safe.
  • Bad Weather Gear: Your bicycle should have proper rainwear and protective equipment for making a pleasurable experience for you in the rain as well.
  • Seat cover: You should have a seat cover for your saddle to cover it from getting wet. The cover doesn’t need to be fancy or expensive and choose those covers that are not needed to be replaced frequently.   
  • Safety First: As a cyclist, your priority should be the safety of your own by having headlamps, bells, and helmets.
  • Headlamps and tail lamps: Bicycles do not come with headlamps and tail lamps. So, you have to purchase them to ensure the motorist, cyclist, and pedestrian sees you. These headlamps and tail lamps come with a USB – rechargeable tool.
  • Helmets: Helmets are the most important safety tool required to save your head from injuries. 
  • Bells:  Bell is used for telling people to get out of their way. Bells are available in Classic brass or low-key black metal. 
  • Tools: You should have a kit of keys that fit your bike’s bolts, you can also buy the wolf Tooth Encase Handlebar Bike Tool System.
  • Security Equipment: Security equipment is important to secure your bike which includes the right locks, GPS trackers, and security bolts.
  • Bike locks. The bike Locks are very lighter and easier to transport. You should buy locks that have high security.
  • GPS trackers: It is advisable to purchase a stand-alone bike tracker that relies on GPS for much wider coverage. The most popular GPS is the Invoxia GPS Tracker which syncs with your smartphone and shows the bike’s location.
  • Security bolts: Bikes often use common bolts to make maintenance and assembling easy. Put the security bolts like Pitlock or Hexlox on the most vulnerable parts of the Seat Post, Saddle, Handlebars and Wheels. These bolts are individually keyed and unfastened by a personalised tool that only you have.
  • Maintenance Gear:  The most important part of the bike is its tires. The tires should be inflated and the chain should be well lubricated. These things sound easy but are somehow critical. Maintenance of bikes will not cost as much money as cars.
  • A bike pump: Plastic pumps are not forever; they get rusty but metal pumps are worth buying. The Lezyne Steel Drive Floor Pump is the most durable pump that will keep your tire inflated. The pump works with three-valve types: Presta, Schrader, and Dunlop.
  • Chain cleaner: You should clean your Bike chain regularly so that it keeps functioning properly. The Park Tool Bicycle Chain Cleaning Kit comes with a brush and bottle of cleaning solution along with a cleaning tool.
  • Chain lubricant: The Cycle chain needs to stay lubricated to work properly. it’s better to spray a little dry lubricant. This lubricant creates less mess as it has Teflon in it and Finish Line Dry Lube is loved by all.
  • Disc brake cleaner: You have to clean the brake hardware periodically to save your brakes from degrading. The Finish Line Brake Cleaner removes stubborn brake dust from disc brakes.

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