Best smart home devices in India for 2021 for all budgets

After the smartphone, the trend of smart cars and smart homes is going on. Once upon a time, when songs were played from cassette reels to tape recorders, now smart speakers have arrived that do not require any wires or any cassette to use. Along with gadgets, the era of a smart home is also coming, so today you will get to know about 8 such products from which you can make your ordinary home into a smart home.

Hogar Home Controller

You can use the Hogar Home Controller Pro by plugging it into any number of plugs in your home. This controller allows you to control 232 smart gadgets without having to touch them. The controller has a wireless range of up to 200 meters. Usually, this is a power board. If you understand with an example, you can replace the power board of your house with this Hogar Home Controller. After that, through an app, you will be able to turn off and, on the fan, TV, bulb, etc., although for this you will need Wi-Fi, Smart TV, and Smart Bulb. Apart from this, the company also offers a complete setup for smart homes in which products like Amazon Alexa speakers, smart switches, and smart plugs are available.


You connect Crabtree’s Smart Plug to any ordinary plug. After that connect it to Wi-Fi. Once connected, you will be able to control this plug from your mobile through an app. It also has voice control. For example, if your phone is being charged in this plug, you want to turn it off, then you can switch off the plug from the mobile itself.

Home Controller Mini

The specialty of this Home Controller Mini from Hogar is that by connecting it to any USB port, you can control smart home devices like smart fans, smart bulbs, etc. with the help of this. It can also be used by plugging it into a power bank.

Amazon Alexa

You must know about Amazon Alexa. It is also a smart home device with a smart speaker. Alexa can turn your home’s smart fans, smart bulbs, and smart TVs on and off with just one voice command.

Google Home

Google Home is also a smart speaker as well as a smart home device. The Google Home speaker can also do most of your household tasks with voice commands. The fan can be turned off and the bulb can also be turned off and on by giving voice commands to Google Home.

Realme Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

The bulb is one such gadget that is used the most in every home. Most bought too. Think of such a bulb, which consumes less electricity, can be operated from your smartphone and comes with a life span of 13 years. Smartphone maker Realme has launched one such smart bulb in the market. This bulb of about Rs 800 comes with the support of Alexa and Google Assistant, i.e., you can also operate this bulb by giving voice commands. This bulb, which supports 16 million colors, can also be controlled from the phone itself with the help of the Reality Link app.

ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector

There is nothing more fun than watching a movie on a big screen and now you can enjoy it with the help of your smartphone with the ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector. This compact projector is just 4×4 in size, but this tiny projector can project as big as a 100-inch TV. The ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector is very easy to use. It has a built-in battery, which lasts for 2.5 hours. This projector can also be charged with the help of a power bank. If you want, connect it to your home theater, otherwise, it has JBL speakers for better audio on its own. The best part is that you can operate the ViewSonic M1 Mini Projector from your smartphone or tablet and watch the media from your smartphone on a bigger screen.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P

Now a gadget that will be liked by everyone, whether it is a man or a woman because it will help in doing your household chores. Xiaomi’s Mi Robot Vacuum Mop P – Can apply both broom and mop. This smart robot vacuum cleaner creates a 3D map of your home with the help of its exclusive LDS laser navigation system. Due to this, it keeps on cleaning the house by roaming around. There are 12 high-precision sensors inside it so that it does not collide with the things present in the house and senses the waste from a distance. Although this smart vacuum cleaner comes with a 3200mAh battery, it automatically returns to its recharge dock as soon as the battery gets low and starts cleaning again as soon as the battery is charged. You can also control this robot vacuum cleaner with the help of your smartphone.

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