15 Business Intelligence Tools & Software Every Business Needs!

With the high emergence of technology in business, it consequently provides relevant and useful business information and ultimately improves business performance.

Business Intelligence Tools

Business intelligence tools (BI tools) are useful for identifying customer behavior and improving the visibility and efficiency of a business. It helps in gathering data from a dynamic business environment and making effective decisions.

15 Business Intelligence Tools & Software

Business intelligence tools are some application software, which is used to read and process data, which is usually stored in a data warehouse. These tools help retrieve, analyze, and transform data, creating manageable dashboards and ultimately generating a report for BI.

Oracle NetSuite

Oracle NetSuite is a business management software. It has small to large-sized businesses.

For small businesses, it provides an easy-to-use, scalable, and agile business solution with the functionalities of ERP, CRM, e-commerce, and PSA. It helps medium-sized businesses by cutting their IT costs in half, reducing financial close by 20% to 50%, and increasing quote cycle times by 50%. Oracle NetSuite has functions to help global enterprises with their complex functional, industry, regulatory and tax requirements.


HubSpot is inbound marketing, sales, and service software. Its CRM software is completely free and will help you create, track and build better relationships with leads and customers. It provides flexible and powerful content management software that will be useful to marketers and developers. Its sales software will give deep insight into prospects and allow you to automate tasks. Marketing software will help you to run massive inbound marketing campaigns.


SAS is a proprietary tool that is known to provide the right information at the right time to the right people. It provides a high-quality connection between different data sources and end-users. It helps in protecting business data with security issue identification and resolution. It supports centralized metadata, governance and scalability, and data visualization. It provides real-time analysis and allows users to generate self-service reports.


WebFocus is a proprietary commercial tool that delivers the right information to the right user. It provides robust solutions that are easy to manage and compile. It delivers data to the company, customers, and managers through featured and user-friendly InfoApps. It provides advanced data integration and point-to-click analytics. It also includes some popular applications like InfoDiscovery, RSat, and Report Caster.


SAP BusinessObject is a proprietary business intelligence platform used to share complete organization information. It helps improve business user autonomy by exposing and allowing access to business data to a wider range of users. It eases the consumption of information and accelerates the decision-making process. It supports rapid deployment and optimization of IT resources and close integration with IT infrastructure. It reduces workload and increases accountability.


Jaspersoft is an open-source commercial business intelligence solution that provides interactive analytics for its end users. It is a lightweight platform that provides reporting, OLAP, data visualization, and data integration. It can be integrated into any mobile app and device so that users can access data from anywhere. It provides support for the decision-making process through key performance indicators and trend/problem indicators.

Yellowfin BI

Yellowfin BI is a proprietary BI tool available with Dashboard, Data Discovery, Data Visualization, and Collaborative BI. It provides features like mapping, and mobile BI allowing users to access and monitor business-related data from anywhere. Its insights can be generated via simple scripts that can be uploaded and embedded to share with collaborators. Its user insight can be made effective through data-rich presentations and interactive reports. Yellowfin is known for being an agile and responsive reporting solution that supports the business decision-making process.

Style Intelligence

InetSoft developed Style Intelligence, a free open-source business intelligence platform. It is an agile, robust, and self-service development tool based on a data mashup engine. It compiles data block architecture to support real-time data mashups. It provides cloud support, granular security, and multi-tenancy support. It helps in data exploration and connects relational and multidimensional databases.


The board All-in-One BI Tool Combines BI, Corporate Performance Management, and Business Analytics into one tool. Its proprietary platform includes reporting by access to multiple data sources. It has features like data visualization, drill-down, and drill-through functionality. Its Ad-hoc querying and multidimensional analytics help in making strong business decisions.


Tableau is a free proprietary easy-to-use BI system. It has an in-memory architecture that allows for data exploration and data visualization. Users can access data from multiple sources and can also add their data. It integrates with Microsoft SharePoint and supports the mobile BI strategy. One of the most important features of Tableau is One-Click Rapid Reporting.


Pentaho is an open-source commercial tool primarily focused on making accurate and data-driven business decisions. The tool also supports the cloud and provides interactive analytics. It comes with rich navigation features and data visualization. This platform includes big data integration, data mining, and predictive data analytics. Pentaho allows the user to collect and manage data from multiple dynamic sources and helps convert big data into insights.


Xplenty is a data integration platform. It’s a cloud-based system that connects all of your data sources. Xplenty provides solutions for marketing that have functionality for data augmentation. Your data enrichment tools will be integrated by Xplenty. This will help you keep your marketing automation up-to-date. It provides complete information about your customers. Xplenty will make your marketing campaigns effective. It provides omnichannel marketing and data-driven insights. This will help you build a complete sales analytics solution.

Along with the sales solution, it offers features of data augmentation, effective analytics, a centralized database, etc. Xplenty offers a customer support analytics system that includes extensive insights, data enrichment, and personalized help solutions, among other things.


Birst is a free proprietary SAAS BI platform that includes data discovery, analysis, and reporting. It’s a simple-to-use platform that automates data warehouses and integrates data from multiple systems. It provides point-and-click analytics features and reports generation. It provides better performance than traditional BI frameworks for faster decision-making. It’s Hadoop data architecture provides fast and high-concurrency analytics.

IBM Cognos

IBM Cognos web-based proprietary integrated BI suite developed by IBM. It helps to gain insights effectively and provides a toolset for analyzing data, and reporting. It helps to build your dashboard and access information from anywhere. It provides cloud support and complete administration of data to generate online and offline reports with ease. IBM Cognos BI Suite is also available as a mobile app that allows the user to access information via mobile devices.

Microsoft BI and Power BI

Microsoft BI is a proprietary platform that provides integrated services and uses some applications that work with analytical data. This platform is well known for analysis services and reporting services and master data services. Some of the BI features are only available in SharePoint including PowerPivot and Power View. Its reporting Services provide interactive reports that run on PowerPivot. Power BI is a free open-source business intelligence platform used to convert aggregated data into an organized visual format for better understanding. The platform is based on 3 pillar components such as datasets to bring all the data in one place, dashboards that are designed to represent visual data analysis, and reports that organize the data in the form of charts and graphs with analytics for visualization containing multiple pages.

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