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6 Free Ways to Practice Sign Language Online

It’s sad when we cannot interact or connect with people who are deaf. It’s important to learn sign language as it acts as an interaction and communication medium for people suffering from loss of hearing or speaking.

Learning sign language looks difficult but it is essential to learn when communicating with a deaf person. There comes a motivation to learn sign language to understand the deaf community better or deaf friends, family and even ourselves if we are suffering from speaking or hearing loss. 

Whatever may be the reason for learning sign language, there are various ways for you to learn sign language. Personal lectures or attending in person is the faster way to master the language. Learning sign language has become accessible. Learning sign language will open a new door for communication methods.

Types of sign language:

Every nation has it’s own name of sign language. In the US and Canada alone, people use American Sign Language (ASL) as their natural language and primary mode of communication.

In Britain and Scotland, British Sign Language (BSL) is used. In Australia, AUSLAN is used.

Other popular sign languages are :

  • Irish Sign Language (ISL)
  • Japanese Sign Language (JSL)
  • Chinese Sign Language (CSL)
  • Spanish Sign Language (SSL).

But what if someone has the interest to learn sign language is not capable of the financial resources to attend classes Sign language. Online learning will help but not as accurately as Regular classes. Still, there are 6 ways listed below to learn Sign-language at free of cost.

ASL University

Whenever someone wishes to learn sign language, ASL university from Bill Vicars is often recommended. Learning sign language from ASL university is the most comprehensive and organized option. ASL university covers essential subjects like goods, clothing, and emotions. The lesson is covered in a 40-minute video that is accompanied by vocabulary.  The teacher that teaches Sign language is himself deaf and taught ASL for years at California State University, Sacramento. ASL University is a website that gives immense information and lessons that are essential for beginners.


Start ASL is not free but still, you can access a significant amount of information free of cost. The free lessons provide practice of conversation and understanding of the structure of ASL. The StartASL provides workbooks that can be printed. StartASL will motivate you to learn Sign-language through easy mediums.

The ASL App

Many sign language apps are designed to work on a desktop computer or laptop. To learn Sign Language on your smartphone you can install The ASL app, it is available on both IOS and Android platforms. The ASL app is easy to use and accessible to younger generations. Basic concept learning is given free of cost but specific topics need to be unlocked for $1. The expansion packs include topics covered in other resources like LGBT pride month.


You can adjust the difficulty level between beginner, intermediate and advanced on Sign School. They provide lessons and videos of answers and quizzes regarding their communication. They provide tools for learning your name and games to practice finger spellings. Thus Sign School provide resources in a traditional way as well as in modern ways. SignSchool has become a major platform that fulfils your wish to learn sign language. You can practice sign language anywhere and anytime with SignSchool. 


The fastest way to learn sign language is to subscribe to the social media accounts of the people who simply teach these sign languages. You should verify your sources of learning as there can be errors done by amateurs. You can use relevant keywords or hashtags to discover accounts related to your interest on TikTok. For example, to find accounts related to ASL, you will search for – learning sign language, #ASL, #Sign-language.  The search results will provide you with educational videos related to ASL. There can be an error by video makers but still, they will provide you with a better insight into the deaf community.


You can learn Sign language in a visual method of communication. Most ASL teachers upload their videos on YouTube.  You can subscribe to videos of any teachers on YouTube. You can also subscribe to Bill Vicar’s YouTube channel if you want to watch longer lessons from ASL University on your smartphones or TV. There are various documentaries available on sign language and the deaf community where you can get more information related to deaf people.

One of the most popular channels for learning sign language is AS Meredith which provides entry-level videos and informative aspects.


As discussed above, there are top 6 ways that will help you to learn sign language at free of cost. No matter what way you choose to learn sign language, practice is important. Practice and practice make a man perfect. If you are learning sign language just for fun then you won’t be able to level up and progress. If your motive behind learning sign language is interaction with deaf people then regular interactions and practice will help you learn faster. Sign language is of different kinds, choose as per your presence and motives.

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