How to take care of your electric vehicle battery

With the onset of owing electronic vehicles so large numbers, one should understand the concepts of battery charging and ways to maintain it for longer durations.

How to take care of your electric vehicle battery

EVs are the new vehicle for today’s generation. With the spike in fuel prices, more people are shifting towards electronic vehicles. The new owners of electric vehicles or people who are likely to purchase EVs are worried about the major factor of EVs which is their batteries. The issue of batteries installed in EVS is more broadly discussed in the article below.

What Type of Batteries Does EVs Use?

EVs use lithium-ion batteries that are often used in laptops and cellphones. There are two distinct types: Nickel-free LFP batteries and high-nickel NCM.

The Tesla Model 3 is installed with nickel-free LFP, which is cheaper and safe for keeping battery life longer. These kinds of batteries are used in long-range cars, taxis and buses whereas car-like Cadillacs and Porsches use High- Nickel compositions which are of course costlier.   

Do All EV Batteries Behave the Same Way?

The same battery could work differently based on the vehicle.  The major point is the type of battery used: Nickel – free LFP or high nickel NCM. The battery usage differs from one design to another design, price ranges, etc.

Can You Overcharge an EV Battery?

Yes, sometimes an EV Battery can get overcharged but, in most cases, EVs will notify that the battery is overcharged or charged beyond your daily driving limits.

Just like cell phones, EVs are getting smarter and they perfectly know to manage the issue intelligently and help you to avoid depletion of the battery life.

It is advised that the battery charge should be kept between 0 to 100 per cent. This will improve the performance of the battery life of the vehicle. Having the battery at a 100 per cent charge will affect the longevity of the battery.

You should always Avoid using fast charging. Fast charging pressurizes very much current into the batteries within a short period. This will strain your EV battery and it gets drown faster.

Another factor of batteries of electronic vehicles is you have to control the optimal battery state during the storage period of the car. Electronic vehicles that are parked or stored with empty or full battery leads to the degradation of those batteries. If the electronic vehicle is 100 per cent charged and is kept in one place for a longer time, then the battery will struggle to hold its charge. You can set the charger to keep the charge just above the low mark which is charging up to 25 per cent or 75 per cent.

Is Cold Weather Bad for EV Batteries?

Yes, cold weather is extremely dangerous for charging an EV. Charging EVs in cold weather can shorten the life span of the battery along with causing damage to it. The best way to save your battery from damage is to drive around to warm up the engine instead of charging the vehicle in a cold state. Many EVs like Chevy Volt, Jaguar I-PACE and Tesla’s lineup automatically cool or heat the battery to ensure a good temperature range for charging.

Does the Way I Drive Impact Battery Life?

Definitely yes. The battery range can be cut while driving faster in cold weather. It is a debatable concern that high power but low-temperature results in a lower capacity of the battery. In short, do not drive in extreme conditions or push the engine too hard, if you do not want your battery to lose life early.

Should I Worry About Charge Cycles?

It is advised that owners need not worry about charge cycles. Charge cycles mean the number of times a rechargeable battery can be charged and depleted in its life span. Car batteries are charged with the help of software. The software utilizes the temperature, driving, and time of the car and thus automatically gets charged.

The same process is adopted in various EVs, the battery health data is sent automatically to the central analysis system. The system then determines the battery‘s health, whether the battery is in good health or in early-stage danger mode which requires some healing protocols.


Learn the above methods before buying any electronic vehicle. A well-maintained car offers great performance and longevity. The battery is the lifeline of the Electric Vehicles, thus needs to be maintained perfectly. You can discuss the battery issue with the agents of the Electric Vehicle company, they will guide you more.

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