The Aftermath of Explosions

The world should be a place of peace and harmony. Creating nuclear weapons is a threat to the world’s peace and security.

Nuclear explosion

During a nuclear explosion, nuclear radiation occurs which travels nearly a mile and causes other lethal effects. Once the nuclear weapon explodes, it becomes hotter than the sun and vaporizes completely.  After the nuclear bomb or weapon touches the surface, huge fireball glares and radiates extreme heat. The Heat burns the flesh of the people and destroys any building that comes in its way. During World War II, the bombing of Hamburg and Hiroshima resulted in a firestorm that took several lives.


Fallout contamination remains for years or decades. It is consisting of fission products that contribute to additional radioactive material. These fallouts depend on the type of weapon being used. If the weapon is air burst, then the fireball never touches the ground but the radioactivity affects the stratosphere while in-ground burst, a crater forms due to explosion leading to radioactivity on the ground.  

The recommended response to a nuclear explosion

There can be various ways to respond to a nuclear explosion.

  • Divide the region of destruction into three zones.
  • The outermost zone will be the light damage zone
  • Building damage, fires and serious injuries will be moderate damage zone.
  • Radiation levels high, building collapsed and no survivors will be severe damage zone.

Electromagnetic pulse

The explosion of nuclear weapon creates intense gamma rays and extend hundreds of miles. These nuclear weapons not only affect the ground but can also destroy the satellites. Since Electromagnetic pulse is difficult to understand directly. The use of EMP creates havoc with systems during the war.

Every country is developing high-intensity microwave rays that can create EMPs

Many countries are around the world are developing high-powered microwave weapons, although not nuclear weapons and non-lethal.

Nuclear war

A nuclear war involves many thousands of explosions and creates a situation that no one wants to experience.  There are various treaties signed to stop nuclear testing or nuclear war. Any type of war is harmful to mankind. It will be best that nations do not cause a threat to the world by creating these weapons.

Limited nuclear war

Limited nuclear war means a war that does not include nuclear weapons. NATO is formed to restrict nations to use nuclear weapons at times of war. The NATO policy is not to entertain such aggressions from any nations. But the term “limited nuclear war” does not stay limited for a longer period because once any war starts it will sooner or later include nuclear weapons to win against the other nations.

All-out nuclear war

Nuclear war happens when all nuclear nations have their weapons aimed at one another. If a nuclear bomb is targeted towards the USA, then half the population could be killed. It is said that a single nuclear explosion can wipe out a whole country. The survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki still have severe burn marks on their bodies.

Surviving in Nuclear war

The people living at the site of destruction shall die but the people who might survive the explosion shall do the following:

  • Starting indoors or in a bunker for 50 hours after a nuclear blast.
  • Injuries should be treated rapidly.
  • There should be enough supplies of necessity in the place they are getting shelter.

Climate effects

A nuclear weapon affects the atmosphere and makes it uncomfortable to live in. It is said that it was better when there was no discovery of such weapons. The ozone layer absorbs the sun’s ultraviolet radiation, nuclear war creates huge ozone consuming chemicals and results in ultraviolet exposure.

  • Damage to the ozone layer creates ruckus on earth, Marine life gets destructed even humans receive blistering sunburns.
  • Extreme UV radiation causes skin cancer and weakens the immune system.
  • The nuclear explosion affects the atmosphere.


Weapons whether ordinary or nuclear have devastating effects. These weapons can eradicate whole humankind if used carelessly. Even if there are survivors their generations have to face the radiation. The generations of the Hiroshima victims are still suffering from radiation and diseases. In today’s times when people were thinking that after World War II, there shall be no wars but all went in vain after seeing the present scenario of the Ukraine and Russian wars.

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