Elon Musk soon to launch a social media platform which focuses on “Free speech”

  • Billionaire says “Free speech essential to a functioning democracy”
  • Owing to his massive wealth, Twitter users  suggest Musk “To buy Twitter instead”
  • Musk may become second in lineage after Donald Trump to launch a more “liberal “social media platform in recent times.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says he is giving “serious thought” to creating a new social media platform in his recent tweet on Saturday. Actually a twitter user asked Musk if he would consider building a media platform which would consist of open algorithm and adheres to the free speech principle. The twitterer necessitated the need of such social media platform which focuses the least on “money-making” and allows people to express themselves freely without any restrictions. To this tweet Musk responded affirmatively saying” Am giving serious thought to this”.

After that Musk himself tweeted “Given that Twitter serves as the de facto public town square, failing to adhere to free speech principles fundamentally undermines democracy”. Tesla CEO is looking forward to develop a social media application for the people which will serve as an alternative to twitter because he feels that Twitter is “Failing to adhere to free speech principles”.

Musk’s words are without-a-doubt potential indicators of launching of a more liberal social media platform in the near future. It is speculated that the idea of starting such a platform may have germinated from the poll results on Friday. Actually Musk raised a Twitter poll asking users if the micro-blogging site Twitter adheres to the principle of free speech. To his question 70% of users voted “NO”.

Earlier Donald Trump too has launched his social media platform “Social Truth” for IOS users. The former president took this decision of launching his own social media platform after he was banned from Twitter and Facebook.

Will Musk buy Twitter? Is the free speech social platform really going to work as expected?

Although it might not be a big deal at all for Musk to buy twitter itself but this time the billionaire may have an altogether different idea in his mind. Disappointed by “Twitter’s restrictions” multiple times, may be Musk wishes to create a unique identity of his social media platforms and feels that buying Twitter and making changes in it won’t be a good deal to make. However, no official announcement has been made by the SpaceX CEO till now but people may hope to see Elon Musk making a drastic change in the Social Media Industry with his “free speech adhering” socializing application soon.  Although we don’t know what this potential “free speech social app” holds for us in the future. Though many a times we have seen people scrutinizing Twitter owing to the “restrictions “it puts upon the frees speech of users but if people will be given the right of free speech will it not become a potential threat to the world integrity and peace? A serious thought should be given to the negative consequences of free speech too and a middle way should be carved such that social media can be freed from hatred, violence and negativity and at the same time allows people to express themselves freely in a more responsible manner. What do you think about it? Say it in the comments below.

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