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Gift-giving is a common essence of every relationship. A smile on someone’s face is something that always makes your day and when you give a gift to someone then it keeps the bond between two persons stronger healthier and nourishes the sentiments of the two sharing the bond. The gift can be anything that connects the emotions of both the individual be it the bond between parents, partners, friends, or cousins. It is not always necessary that you have to give, something materialistic, or way too much expensive. Giving a smile, hug, a kiss is also considered a gift. The gift has a very huge role in our life as it affects our mind so much.

A child shares a very different emotional bond with their fathers and it has always been said that the bond between a father and daughter is that compared to the bond between flower and the fragrance. Similarly, the emotion shared between the son and the father is that of a dude, bro combination bond. We always look for some or other means to show love and care to our parents.

So here I am bringing you up with the top 10 gift ideas that would give rest to your quest for finding the best gift for your father. This Father’s Day enlighten your caregiver, breadwinner with a precious smile and lovely surprise.

Top 10 gift ideas for men (a special tribute to fathers, Father’s Day special)

  1. A NOTEBOOK OR JOURNAL:  gifting a notebook or journal is the best gift idea for you to choose among many other gifts. The notebook or the journal will hold a very different place among all the gifts. Ask your dad to pen down all his desires, experiences, learning, and memories of his life. The journal will help you to build an understand of your father more appropriately. The written journal will act as a guiding book for you for the rest of the upcoming events in life.
  2.  A GOOD BOOK TO READ: books have always been the ice breaker between two people. Giving a great book to your father will show him the emotions you are trying to convey him. Novels like I Love You Dad, To My DAD, The DAD APPRECIATION BOOK, DAD In A MILLION, etc.
  3. A PHOTO ALBUM: this would surely be the best gift you can give your father. Get all your photos from childhood till date printed and arranged in an album with a small handwritten note describing the incident related to the picture. Doing so will make your father relive all the memories once again and he would be the happiest man that day.
  4. Wallet: a wallet is a very common and the most useful accessory that a man carries with him. Gift your father a brand-new wallet that has space for all the needed and frequently used documents. Whenever your father will use the wallet, it will make him remember you and your small effort.
  5. Easy to use gym equipment: with the passage of time our parents are turning old and find it difficult to undertake certain activities. Get your dad enrolled in any nearby yoga or fitness class that would keep a check on his health. Gym equipment like lightweight dumbles, cycling bikes, etc., will help him with his fitness journey
  6. Twining clothes: nowadays, it is seen that fathers enjoy twining with their children and love enjoying time with them. They love wearing the same clothes and taking pictures together. Get him and yourself the same print shirt, t-shirt or anything that both of you is comfortable wearing. A T-shirt is considered to be the best one for a lookalike.
  7. A comfortable and relaxing chair: Today life has become so fast pace and everyone is just running from one place to another, at this moment all of us want a relaxing and comfortable accommodation to live in and rest for a few hours to charge up again. Gift your father a super comfortable and relaxing chair so that he finds it easy to use while working. Nowadays in the market, there are several new technologies available in all types of relaxing equipment that helps in many problems.
  8. Watch: buy a brand-new watch for your dad for this Father’s Day. Today people have a craze for smartwatches, buy one of those smartwatches and ask your father to wear them all the time. The features that are available in the latest smartwatches help people track their heart rate, blood pressure, daily steps, etc. It would be of great use for you and your father as well.
  9. A music box or a tape recorder: music is the best remedy for everyone. It heals people from all kinds of stress and tension. Our parents are from the generation which is very fond of music and musical instrument. Give him a playlist of his favorite songs and movies. Every time he will listen to any songs, he will surely mention you in his words for the same.
  10. A day outing with your father: among all the gifts mentioned above, this gift would be the best one to give to your father. Take a day off from your busy schedule and plan out to all the places once you visited as a child with him. Go to all those places and perform all the activities you both once enjoy doing. Spending quality time is the most expensive gift to date.

Gifts will always hold a special emotion no matter how less or more expensive it is. The memories and the love attached to the gift is the main present that you offer someone. Fathers are the ones who love their children the most. Is that coconut which is hard out and soft inside. Tell your father what you feel for him and think about him. This Father’s Day let your father know you’re the heartbeat of the family.

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