BSNL 5G Network: Collaboration Between Industry and Institutes

People from all over the world are waiting for the 5G networks. BSNL is working with the international entity to bring a 5G network into India.

BSNL is the largest telecommunication services operator that is owned by Government. BSNL is now making deals with international companies to bring the 5G network into India for the first time. The launch of the 5G network is the most anticipated day by every Indian. BSNL will the first one to provide 5G services in India by August. BSNL is going to launch its commercial 4G services and 5G networks in Non-Standalone (NSA) on 15 August 2022.

5G Plans

The 5G NSA will launch the BSNL network by August 2022. It can be stated that 5G is the enhanced version of 4G services which will work on the same devices across the country with an increased speed. The proof of concept is also working alongside 5G. The BSNL aims to establish its 4G network and utilise the 4G core. The next step after establishing 4G is to establish a 5G non-standalone architecture (NSA) network. 

Consortium Providing Core Equipment

According to the company, BSNL 4G network has been completed and is about to provide the core equipment.

The TCS- backed consortium is shortlisted for field testing and the trials are going in Ambala and Chandigarh. BSNL took over after the withdrawal of consortiums led by L&T, HFCL, and Tech Mahindra.

4G In August, 5G SA Deployment

When the commercial agreements will be put up in place, then the BSNL will launch its 4G. A formal order will be required by the company before launching the 4G service in August. The executive of C- Dot said claims that BSNL’s 4G SA deployment is expected by 2023. Moreover, India’s research organization is willing to provide codes to vendors to facilitate the development of products.

Collaboration Between Industry and Institutes

C-DoT is working closely with Telecommunications Consultants India Limited (TCIL) for various products that include the core network which is developed by BSNL. There is a collaboration between the academic and telecom industry, these institutes are engaged with C-DoT, Tejas Networks or Sankhya Labs, or TCS and others like Samsung and Nokia.

Commercialisation Of Research

The network industry is sponsoring several projects that are running in different IITs over the country and are creating new start-ups because research is getting commercialized. India is entering an era where the ecosystem will be good for industry and academy engagement.

The government is thinking to conduct an auction among the telecommunication operates where they will bid to release their latest speed technology, this will provide the government with profits.


Several companies are working to acquire the 5G network in the country but the most promising company is BSNL. BSNL has promised to circulate its network all over the country after its launch but the pricing of the plan can be varied, the cost of a 5G network can be slightly high than 4G or 3G networks.

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