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An Alarm for health decline and deaths!!

The very beloved time pass yet required narcotic that destroys you in installments is becoming worldwide popular among the masses, especially in India. Tobacco!!!  candy for the youth and fuel supplement for the old generation people.

Tobacco and its effects

Tobacco is an addictive material that is ripened in tropical, subtropical, and temperate climates. Tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine, which is the main stimulant and is responsible for being highly addictive. The person who develops the habit of consuming it generally faces difficulty in dealing with certain life problems. Similarly, people who consume tobacco also have a habit of taking tobacco cigarettes which are called tobacco smoking.

Tobacco smoking is said to be the process of burning tobacco and ingesting the smoke that is produced while the tobacco is being burned. The smoke that is produced after burning the tobacco is inhaled, as is done generally with cigarettes, or simply released from the mouth, or with the help of pipes and cigars.  A cigar is a thick roll of tobacco leaves wrapped in a leaf grown from the tobacco plant and on the other hand, A cigarette is a small cylinder-shaped leaf or paper structure of finely chopped tobacco that is rolled into thin paper for smoking. Tobacco smoke contains thousands of chemical compounds, among which are nicotine e, carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide, and nitrosamines. Some of these compounds are thought to have medicinal properties. However, smoking causes illness, disability, and death.

Here are 10 shocking facts about tobacco

  • Killer- tobacco kills more people than any other disease does to humankind. People consume tobacco daily as it is said to provide energy. Daily wage workers and drivers are prone to tobacco.
  • Consumption of tobacco increases your risk of dying as it with time decreases your capacity to work and you end up being sick. Mouth cancer, lungs cancer is very common to affect 9/10 tobacco consuming individuals.
  • It has been researched that more than 16 million people suffer from diseases caused by the consumption of tobacco or tobacco smoke.
  • Tobacco is the home for many deadly diseases like cancer, lung disease, chronic obstructive disease, and many more.
  • The person who develops a habit of tobacco consumption is assumed to live 10 years less than that of the normal life expectancy rate.
  • In the entire world, more than 7 million people die due to tobacco use. Each day around two thousand people take the first puff of their first-ever cigarette.
  • Consumption of tobacco or smoking causes diseases, disability and mainly leads to death.
  • Many adults want to end their smoking habit and take that one step towards peace and good health. 1600 adult people on an average of daily try to end their smoking habit.

Cost and expenditures on tobacco and smoking

The smoking and tobacco business spends money blindly on the marketing and advertisement of its products. They prepare their marketing strategies in such a way that the money spent on marketing gets revived through the increased purchase from customers of their products.

  • It has been reported that around $8.2 billion money is spent on advertisement and promotion of cigarettes, smokeless tobacco, and Tobacco. nearly $22.5 million every day and about 1 million dollars every hour.
  • Smokeless tobacco is categorized as moist snuff, loose leaf chewing tobacco, anus, dry snuff, And dissolvable products.
  • Studies reveal that total spending on smoking is more than 300 billion dollars every year.
  • Nearly 225 billion dollars is used in direct medical care and precautions related to adults.
  • About more than 156 billion dollars are wasted every year due to death caused by smoking and tobacco. [Premature deaths].
  • Prevention took to cure smoking and tobacco intake habits
  • Adapting nicotine therapy: – consult your family doctor about the nicotine therapy and with his permission use the prescribed nicotine nasal spray or inhaler in place of smoking.
  • Nowadays there are many options available in the market like gum, patches, and lozenges use in place of raw cigarette and tobacco
  • Electronic cigarettes have recently gained the game of being one of the helping hands in overcoming smoking problems.
  • Avoid going to places or events that trigger your craving for smoking or having tobacco.  Don’t go to shops where people commonly eat or smoke.
  • Give yourself a deadline or daily tasks of controlling your cravings. Try to keep yourself busy on something that detaches you from your craving for cigarettes and tobacco.
  • Continuously eat food products that you can chew and give you a similar taste that of tobacco and smoking. Or chew something that you’re like to eat, be it any fruits, snacks, or something similar.
  • Avoid hanging out with the same taste of people who forces you to try one puff also. Ask your friends directly that this kind of behaviour will not be entertained.
  • Involve yourself in certain physical exercises that will help boost up your immunity and help your body gain health and stamina back.
  • Enrol yourself in meditation which is a proven cure for thousands of problems. Mediation will allow your mind and body to relax and will help you to have a good sense of control over your cravings for such toxic products.
  • Join rehabilitation centres for professional help to overcome such habits. Ask your doctor or family member to get you enrolled in Such centres.
  • Reward yourself every time you overcome one of your cravings for such products be it with ice-creams, video games, or movie dates. continuously feed your mind with the positive side/benefits of things you are doing so far to overcome your smoking habit or tobacco habit.

Everything that happens in life can be treated but only when it is brought to light at the right time. The same is the case with addictions, be it tobacco, smoking, drugs, or any other kind of non-toxic addiction. Nowadays smoking and consuming tobacco is very common among adults of age group 17-30 years. Tobacco not only hinders your daily life but also ends up with various diseases that can’t be cured after a certain point. Always be conscious while choosing the environment you want to settle in, the kind of people you want to hang out with, and the kind of things you consume, because everything you do has a direct effect on the people related to you. Be aware of such toxic things and don’t even try smoking tobacco.

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