How big tech companies are handling the Russian Ukraine war?

War is the only word that is being heard and it’s trending on social media. Earlier also there were wars and fights but this war is something different. Due to war other countries and share markets are also being affected. Due to war, many civilians of Russia and Ukraine are being victims of it.

Due to war, not only people of Russia or Ukraine are being hurt but due to war, other countries are also being affected due to Russia and Ukraine war not only using big bombs but Ukraine is facing crime over the online campaign.

There was battle Field on the online platforms which were no longer affordable by the big tech companies like Google and Facebook. Big companies can’t afford calls from Ukraine, Russia, and all united and European states.

As many employees of tech companies are from Russia. Tech company’s headquarter are also situated in Russia it was important to rescue them as they can be persecuted if the side of cost War is not good for the only nations it affects the growth and economy of the other countries.

“ Your TZAR leads you to Nowhere “

For digital transformation on social media, the minister of Ukraine MYKHAILO FEDOROV country accosted big tech companies like Google, Apple, YouTube, meta and Netflix to suspend all services over social media in Russia or accounts of misleading information related to helping peoples of Ukraine should be blocked by the tech companies.

In this 21st century, social media is the biggest tool that can be used as a giving response. Twitter tweeted by the minister to big giants tech companies to support the sanction of the Federation of Russia. He seeks help to stop the aggression towards the people of Ukraine.

Important roles played by the tech companies

As war is increasing day by day, tech companies need to handle all this in a very crucial way. This is a critical role that is being played by the track companies in Russia and Ukraine.

Stop sales of upcoming product

The biggest tech companies like Microsoft have stopped their sales of new products and services in Russia country. It has not disclosed any information related to the financial impact of the suspension of new sales in the country. This can create hardship for individuals and organizations who are using products like MS Office and Xbox.

Shutting down of the office

A company like Spotify has closed its shutter in Russia country indefinitely. Spotify has all taken down all the contents and new agencies from Russia country.

Blocked Russian banks

Companies like Visa and Master card have blocked all the Russian banks from the thief network, also as per the US sanctions order the payment giants have announced they have blocked multiple financial institutions in Russia country. To aid in Ukrainian humanitarian relief, giants have pledged donations of $2 million each.

What big tech companies have done for it?

Below is the top tech companies that have done for Russia cyber offensive information.


Meta which is a parent company of Facebook first fact-checked all the f media outlets and put their label on content that is owned by the four Russian states. After labeling, Meta blocked all the ads run from social media and also from platforms to earn money. Lastly, they restricted access to Sputnik and RT across the EU.


Twitter has also stopped the features of advertising and recommendations related to the Russian and Ukrainian war temporarily. Twitter also said related to affiliated media websites like RT and Sputnik they will add labels on their contents that are related to Russia and Ukraine war and any information related to it. They will also reduce the tweets related to war.


Google which is the heart of every country has excluded access to websites, apps and youtube video channels for earning revenue ads run of the Russian state-owned. Google has also disabled the location of Ukraine from the Google maps which can be used to locate the civilians of the Ukrainians. to discuss the crises related to the Russian and Ukraine war CEO of Alphabet and the CEO of youtube going to meet the EU officially.


As WhatsApp is used in India for sharing information in which some are real and some are fake. Same being used in Russia a hub of information. The information on the telegram is misleading people. As this information is are not fully correct the founder of the telegram has said to restrict partially or fully on some channels if required. He also has said to keep a close eye on the encryption of the app.


As many tech companies have suspended their sales for products and services, Apple has also stopped the sales of their products. Not only products but services like Apple pay and Apple maps are also restricted. It has also started to be deeply concerned about all the publications related to the invasion which are due to violence. Apple company is concerned go all the stands related to violence.


Microsoft has started banned over all the advertisements which are through affiliated media websites like Sputnik and RT across it and also to network. Microsoft is currently working with Ukraine country to get solutions for cyberattacks. They have also stated they will stop displaying ads related to Russian and Ukraine wars on Microsoft platforms. They have started to drink the sires which are misleading on bing and also to remove the apps from their Microsoft store like RT apps.

Star link

Star link which is headed by Elon Musk, has positively approached civilians through Twitter. She has stated star link services are available or active in Ukraine country, it has more terminals routes. It has also requested to provide internet services to though satellites constellation


Russian and Ukraine war has been very bad and ugly effects on all the civilians in both the countries. The war is becoming a third war and dangerous. Many peoples are stuck and can’t move. Tech companies are handling all this close care and want both countries to come down.

Tech companies like Apple, Microsoft have halted their sales which are being affected the economy and growth of the country. The financials and the share markets of not only Ukraine and Russia but all over the world are being affected due to war as all are interconnected with products and services.

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