Does India need Satellite Broadband?

Internet in India began in the year 1986. But it is available only for the education and research community. It got access to the general public on 15th August 1995. By 2020 718.4 million active internet users are using broadband services. This internet broadband network helped and pushed India into the topmost list of services.

India needs a Broadband network to connect us with the world. Satellite broadband in India is more suitable for rural residents who do not get easy access to the traditional telecom infrastructure such as cable or Fiber.

It is very difficult to put food on the urban areas for new broadband service providers because there is a lot of competition in the areas, so new services should emerge in the rural areas. With the help of Star link and one web of LEO satellite systems started orbiting our planet will be beneficial for rural and urban areas in India.

Below are some of the benefits of satellite broadband services if introduced in India.

Benefits of Broadband in India

  • Broadband satellite in India leads to the faster development of rural areas and boost and benefit them with new technology and knowledge.
  • Satellite broadband is faster than dial-up and other internet service providers which will lead to a boost in all the sectors.
  • The satellite provider can capture large areas in a period due to the growing number of providers.
  • This recent innovation is the largest improving services which can be beneficial for all the persons in the world.
  • This service will lead to quick renovation and implementation of the projects which are pending for a long.
  • They can give free internet access to the local libraries, which will benefit the people who don’t have any access to the services.

Star link Vision for satellite broadband in India and is struggling in India to set up satellite broadband?

Star link is a satellite internet constellation operated by SpaceX providing satellite internet access coverage to the earth. The constellation has grown to over 1700 satellites through 2021 and will eventually consist of many thousands of mass-produced small satellites in low earth orbit which can communicate with the earth orbit through radio transmitters, also can cover a large area of the global population.

Star links broadband services are provided only to licensed SPACEX services in any specific national jurisdiction, and it is now available in 29 countries. If India gets this service it will be beneficial to the largest part of the country.

Vision and Struggle

The current delivering speed of Star link broadband is 100 Mbps to 200 Mbps in download speed 30 Mbps in upload speeds, its long-term goal is to operate thousands of satellites, with a speed of 1 to 10 GBS. Star link shipped 100000 terminals to customers recently, the vision of the project is to provide broadband connectivity through the constellation of satellites.

Due to a large number of competitors like Airtel, MTNL, JIO, and other services star link is still has to take the trust of the Indian market. These organizations have an area of a unit of investment with additional resources ever before to attain visibility into the inner workings of applications. Due to that, it is difficult for Star links to set foot on the Indian markets. If they want to compete they should remove difficult tasks and make it users easy to use them.

With organizations migrating to the cloud, it should have the visibility we could once count on the tendency of abstraction. Plus, with the mass adoption of the latest technology that helps to facilitate workflows, the pressure to accelerate delivery whereas maintaining quality has never been higher.

Is Airtel, JIO, Amazon, Tata also looking to enter the satellite broadband?

Broadband permit you to access the web and therefore connected services at multiplied speeds than those are connected through dial-up internet access services. The speed of the net varies it is supported if the level of services offered will be good.

The high-speed broadband web in Bharat is catching up with the remaining part of the planet. In India, you do not get many choices to the high-speed web because speed secure and actual speed delivered is entirely completely different.

When you have a whole array of web suppliers to decide on, selecting the most effective will be the best one that fetches additional information. The bulk of telecommunication suppliers, give you vast information which benefits the needs of customers.

Following are the broadband services present inside Bharat, Star link needs to make firm decisions with companies existing in India, this is a threat for them because other services available are also planning to introduce satellite broadband they are to be threats for them.

Competitors of Star link broadband


Airtel Broadband is a gift in the majority of components of the country and offers their customers a variety of high-speed net plans. Their plans cover the cost of Rs.1000 and supply you with 40Mbps broadband speed with a FUP of 90GB. The services provided by them are nice and they already covered a vast area in India. Star links’ cost is high compared to them so it is very difficult for them.

Reliance JIO Giga Fiber Broadband Plans:

Reliance JIO is one of those broadband providers of India that every internet-using person might not be unaware of, With the launch of JIO, Reliance has achieved a lot. JIO created and achieved a 250 million subscriber tag in no time. The corporate has further has additionally planned to segregate its plans into three broad categories- speed-based plans, special plans, and volume-based plans. This is also difficult for them.

TATA Sky Broadband:

TATA sky is additionally one of every of that broadband suppliers that any net user should remember this corporate. The corporate provides its broadband services in many cities as well as some major ones like metropolises like Delhi, Mumbai, and so on. The offers that it provides information on months starting from 1 month to 12 months. The speed of the corporate goes up to 1000Mbps and encompasses a kind of plan including many offers.

Amazon Broadband:

The major states that the corporate operates metropolis are Delhi and Hyderabad. The corporate provides information and the0020data for the speed ranges- 50Mbps, 75Mbps, and 100Mbps. 100Mbps speed which proves to be the accurate data plan for heavy games and many other purposes. They have the best guide for detailed package plans. They already controlled two cities they are also threats to Star link.


The Internet has become a crucial aspect of our lives. Life without the internet seems to have no existence, it feels as if one is living an isolated life if there is no access to broadband. During the lockdown and pandemic period internet become the backbone for many youngsters, also become a mode of employment for many citizens. Moreover, in a life that we are living, that is, the after corona life, the internet has become something excruciatingly necessary.

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