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Thinking is good but overthinking is not

In the history of human evolution, thinking plays the most significant role. A human being is the best living organism on earth because of its thinking power. Thinking is a human best weapon but you know thinking is good but overthinking is not. Overthinking is injurious to health just like smoking and alcohol. Let’s see some effective tips about how to stop overthinking:

Keep a diary handy

We have the best-featured brain but cannot memorize everything at a time. So maintained a diary and put all necessary data about any personal and Official Document on it. It will surely help you out to find any important document when you need it. In your diary note, all other information like a loved one’s birthday, anniversary date, meeting dates, contact numbers. If you write all details in that diary so you do not need to remember those data separately. The diary will save you from overthinking and will make your work easy.

Initiate conversation

Do not waste your valuable time overthinking instead of starting a conversation. If you’re interested then start a conversation without thinking about the reply. Just make it simple if the opposite person shows the same interest, then the matter will be going on, otherwise, you will leave it in the first place. If you remain silent and continue thinking about the first step, then you may regret it in the future. So, think about how you will start the conservation but do not take extra time for overthinking. Keep your worries and ego on left and start a conversation within the right time.

Share with your family/ friends

Never heavy your heart and mind with any secret. Just share it with your family and friends. It does not mean that you become an open book to everyone and a weak person. Always remember everything can be solved with sharing and care. So, no matter what you are thinking just share it with a trusted person. Overthinking will make give more trouble, if you share then somehow a solution will be found. It will help release pressure from your mind. So, keep your distance from overthinking, and share both happy and sad incidents with family and friends.

Distract yourself from such thoughts

Just remember overthinking cannot solve the problem. So better leave it which bother you very much and force you to be an overthinker. When you are alone and can not control the overthinking, then simply play your favorite song and dance. You may concentrate on working out, yoga, handcrafts, cooking, gardening. Make trip planes with friends or family. Just do whatever your hobbies are and are distracted from overthinking by avoiding those thoughts. Slowly think about the problems and try to find solutions. If you free the mind from overthinking, the solution will come first.

Take a healthy diet

You may ask what is the connection between tied with this matter. Here we are talking about our favorite beverages, coffee, and tea. Generally, people prefer tea or coffee when they work. This kind of hot beverage boosts energy by charging the nerves. Along with a proper healthy diet you should avoid drinking tea or coffee at night. Excess consumption of coffee and tea overexcite the nervous and reduce their good amount of sleep. In those Sleepless Nights, people become over-thinkers. Half a glass of warm milk before bedtime will give you a tight sleep.

Stay hydrated

A proper amount of water with a little salt is very important for our nervous system. Several studies provide solid proof about the connection between dehydration and anxiety. Anxiety is the main reason behind overthinking. Dehydration affects the brain and body even causes disturbed sleep. Cool water helps to relax the nerves and reduce anxiety Do not increase the anxiety and tension by overthinking. So, drink the proper amount of water every day which means 3liter water and keep hydrated yourself and calm your nerves.

Stay positive

Stay positive is one of the best weapons against overthinking. To erase negativity and negative thoughts from your life and try to find positivity even in worse conditions. Overthinking is negative and smart thinking is positive. The unnecessary argument, Ego, anger, jealousy should be cut off from our lifestyle. Try to see good in every people, ignore the fault. Inspire others also yourself to do positive things and stay happy. So, find a positive way in life by proper and smart thinking. Do not make overthinking your enemy.

Live in reality

Being ambitious is good but set your goal according to your talent and capability. At first, take baby steps instead of a huge goal and fulfill small goals. According to Lord Buddha’s advice expectation imagination is the thing that hurts most. So do not imagine any extra expectations from anyone. Now you will say that people expect love, care from loved ones, but if they do not give that, then please do not overthink about it. Stay strong and love yourself that is more important than overthinking about others’ love.

Lift-up from the failures

Failure is the step in the art of being successful. So never be afraid of failure and try to learn from it. Do not be depressed try to motivate yourself and take a fresh start. Do you remember the story about King Brutus and spiders? King lost his hope in prison. Then he saw a tiny spider trying several times to climb a huge wall. This incident inspire king Brutus and he realized that trying is the best step to overcome failure and he escaped. So, overthinking about failure will not help, you should try.

Take medical help

If you feel alone and lonely on this journey then take help from doctors. Doctors or psychologists will lead you on the right path but do not overthink about it. They will give you proper suggestions about how to control overthinking. By following some scientific way people can control this harmful overthinking. Taking help from doctors and psychologists does not mean you are mentally ill. Ignore society, and talk to the doctor if you spend nights with anxiety and overthinking. Gradually you will know the proper strategy to manage to overthink

In this modern world lifestyle, people run like rats so they feel lots of pressure which causes overthinking. If people show the determination to control the overthinking, then they win the war against it. Just follow the above-maintained tips and be a good thinker, not an over one.

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