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If you want to stay healthy, look beautiful, and live long, then you need to take care of your body. Most of us are intrigued by the idea of longevity, but when it comes to planning to live a long life, we don’t make necessary changes in our lifestyle. We tend to find it difficult to negotiate with our eating habits, consumption of beverages, including healthy food. We nowadays are so much impacted by our taste that we only want the best and easily available food for us. Being healthy and fit ask people to take care of their body, muscles, skin, hair, and even the organs inside of your body.

Here are the top 10 easy AYURVEDIC tips to burn belly fat quickly.

Tip 1. CONSUMPTION OF FENUGREEK SEEDS (METHI DANA) blended with hundred of nutritional value and supplements FENUGREEK SEED and leaf are very beneficial in weight loss. FENUGREEK SEEDS are rich in minerals and vitamins like THIAMIN, RIBOFLAVIN, VITAMIN A, FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN C, COPPER, CALCIUM, ZINC, AND MAGNESIUM. SAPONINS and FIBRE are the main elements that help in weight loss. According to AYURVEDIC TIPS TO BURN BELLY FAT QUICKLY it is GALACYOMANNAN a soluble fiber that curbs appetite and gives you a feeling of fullness and prevents you from overeating. Adding Fenugreek seeds water to your diet will help in weight loss quickly.

Tip-2 CONSUMPTION OF MEDOHAR GUGGILU (herbal solution) this herbal solution is said to be one of the best ayurvedic solutions in treating obesity. GUGGULESTRONE a plant sterol is the Major ingredient in weight loss. From the point of view of ayurvedic tips to burn belly fat quickly, MEDOHAR GUGGILU helps in burning excess belly fat, reducing cholesterol, maintaining energy level, etc.

Tip-3 CONSUMPTION OF HONEY AND CINNAMON TEA from the light of AYURVEDIC tips to burn belly fat is one among the best remedy to burn belly fat. Honey is attributed with the crown to appetite. Consumption of honey in place of sugar can lead to quickly losing weight and belly fat. Cinnamon on the other hand is responsible for losing visceral fat along with belly fat.

Tip-4 CONSUMPTION OF HONEY ALONG WITH KALONJI is also one of the best ways to reduce belly fat quickly. Kalonji seeds are said to be a powerhouse as it contains crude fiber, iron, SODIUM, calcium, potassium, and amino acids. Kalonji consists of oils that have essential fatty acids that according to AYURVEDIC tips to burn belly fat quickly is best. While consumption of kalonji with lemon keep in mind that 20 grams of kalonji are enough for daily use. Lemons on the other hand are filled with vitamin c helps in digestion, burning belly fat, etc.

Tip-5 Ayurveda says that CONSUMPTION OF LEMON WATER EMPTY STOMACH also helps in burning extra fat from BELLY Making you feel light and happy. As lemon is low in calories and the presence of vitamin c Is the game-changer in lemon water. Water in itself is complete that provides good digestion and relaxes our body. Lemon water increases the metabolic rate and your digestion becomes more efficient in its work. So consuming warm water with a few drops of the lemon empty stomach will reduce your stored belly fat.

Tip-6 Ginger water again is beneficial in not only Losing BELLY fat but also help relieve stomach pain. Ginger contains SENOLIC and TERPENE compounds. Ginger has also been found to be nutrient powerhouse components such as vitamin c vitamin B, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin with minerals such as iron, calcium, and phosphorus. Take one cup of ginger water empty stomach right in the morning. Consumption of ginger water during periods also helps in period cramps and helps you with a safe and painless period. 4 inches of ginger is sufficient for one time of consumption.

Tip-7 Drinking turmeric water empty stomach at night help in cutting down belly fat faster and also helps in maintaining glow in the skin. Most of the properties present in turmeric are attributed to CURCUMIN a compound that has strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Continue consumption of turmeric water or tea help in producing more bile juice which in hand helps in greater digestion. turmeric also has anti-aging properties that help in maintaining the glow and shine in the skin.

Tip-8 Performing exercise doubles the amount you consume with a moderate increase in an exercise plan. With regular exercise, you can focus on separate parts of your body and target to achieve the desired goal. For reducing belly fat exercise like push-ups, squats, plank, crunches, side toe touch, etc. Start with a minimal number of sets and increase it gradually. Focus on abdominal muscles workout for the same.

Tip-9 Yoga poses like PADHASTASANA, DHANURASAN (bow pose), SURYA NAMASKAR, CHAKRASAN, BHUJANGASAN (COBRA POSE), NAUKASAN ( BOAT POSE), USTRASANA ( CAMEL POSE). Ayurveda says that if yoga is performed with complete guidance and training has the potential to lose weight more efficiently and diet is also one of the most important things to be kept in mind.

Tip-10 Consumption of water throughout the daily will help the food to digest properly and will not get stored in the body piling up CALORIES. Water is 100% calories free and helps you burn fat and suppress your appetite if you take water before your meal.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How many years old is Ayurveda?

Ayurveda is said to be the oldest in human history. It is around 3,000 years old.

  • Which turmeric is considered to be best for weight loss?

According to research CURCUMIN turmeric is best for weight loss. It has properties that help in burning belly fat.

  • How many grams or inches of Ginger is required to make Ginger tea?

4 inches of Ginger is sufficient for one cup of ginger water. Let the water boil for 15 min and drink it when it cools down to lukewarm water.

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